Baby Inchworm Pillow


The night I learned I was going to be an aunt, I passed the book Knitting for Babies to my brother and sister-in-law for them to pick out anything they wanted. They both loved the Inchworm Pillow!

This was knit with 100% worsted weight cotton yarns. Rather than create an I-Cord, I crocheted a chain for the stripe. It is much quicker!

Such a little cutie – here is my niece having fun with her comfy little wormie! Please excuse my beautiful niece’s blurred out face; I wasn’t sure if my brother and sister-in-law would want her photo posted on the internet otherwise.

She likes to study Wormie’s face. She is also fascinated by the cord wrapped around his body. She takes her tiny little fingers and tries to pick it up off his body (or maybe she wants to see how it’s attached?). Smart cookie is fascinated by textures, colors and shapes.

I found this pattern online if you want to make your own: Baby Inchworm Pillow


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