Homemade Goldfish Crackers


I posted two weeks ago about this recipe on Miss Anthropist’s blog. My sister-in-law was over for a visit and we went to work on it!
First we worked on making our little cookie cutters.

We made goldfish (of course) in three different sizes. We also created a couple of stars for the holiday.

I picked up some delicious vegeratian white cheddar from Whole Foods (uses vegetable rennet instead of animal rennet). I love the Whole Foods cheese department. The people who work in the fromagerie have a list behind the counter of which cheeses are vegetarian.

We made the dough in the food processor and it took less than 5 minutes! We added in 1 tsp of baking soda and subbed a pinch of garlic powder for the onion powder. Then I wrapped the dough and put it in the refrigerator. We didn’t roll it out until the next day.

Since this dough was made with white cheddar, it would be very easy to add a few drops of food coloring to create colorful crackers. Red and blue stars for any patriotic holiday, colorful goldfish for your kids, green Christmas trees, orange pumpkins, or anything you can imagine!

The next day we rolled the dough out to cut up the crackers. Tip: when the dough comes out of the refrigerator it will be crumbly and hard to roll out. I found that working it in your hands for a minute to soften and bring it together made for a much easier time rolling out the dough.

After cutting the crackers out, they were placed on a silpat mat on a cookie sheet and into the oven they went.

For the first tray I put the timer on for 3 minutes less than the recipe called for to check on them and they were overdone! The second tray I cooked for a minute or two less.

The crackers were very good. They were definitely crispier the first day. Stored in a ziploc bag, they were softer the next day… but still a great snack for walking around Central Park!


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