Homemade Fig Newtons


I have been searching for a few years for just the right Fig Newton recipe. As posted a few weeks ago, I was excited to find one that sounded delicious!

Named for a small town in Massachusetts, Fig Newtons are a cookie made with an outer dough and a delicious fig filling. You can also jazz up the filling adding apples, raspberries or any other flavor you like.

The Oh Nuts blog posted this recipe recently and I had to try it out.

I made a couple of adjustments:
1. In the dough I used about 75-80% zest of one orange instead of 50%. This gave a stronger orange flavor. The dough was so perfect (way better than store bought Fig Newtons).
2. In the fig filling I omitted the orange zest and instead added the juice of 1/2 an orange. (I drank the juice from the other half. Fresh squeezed and delicious!)

I never use apple juice so buying it specifically for this recipe I did not want to get an entire bottle. It turns out that the little Apple & Eve juice boxes contain exactly 1 cup! Perfect! They sell them in a 3-pack so I still have 2 left to use for future baking endeavors.

The cookies really are better the day after. They have that crisp texture the first day and in comparison to the cookies on the 2nd day, the cripsness almost overtakes the cookie. I didn’t realize how great the dough and filling were until the 2nd day.

I put some in a ziploc in the freezer and so far they are freezing quite well. To be determined if they thaw well and still taste the same…


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