Wild Rice and Mushroom Stew


With the cool weather in sight, that crock pot will soon be getting plenty of use! I recently made this wild rice and mushroom stew for my sister and I. It is pretty delicious and you can really use any kind of mushrooms that you like.

Recipe from Handmade By Tracie

1 bag Lundberg wild and brown rice
1 32 oz box of Pacific organic low sodium vegetable broth
1 Rapunzel vegetable bouillon cube with sea salt
1 lb carrots
2-3 leeks
1 pkg (5 oz) of sliced shitake mushrooms
1 pkg (5 oz) of sliced crimini mushrooms (also referred to as “baby bellas”)
1 pkg (5 oz) of sliced white button mushrooms
A few Tbsp olive oil
Salt & Pepper

1. Pour the bag of rice into your slow cooker.
2. Peel and slice the carrots into coins, saute with olive oil, bouillon cube salt and pepper. Add to slow cooker on top of rice.

3. Saute sliced mushrooms in same pan you used to cook the carrots – no need to add any oil as there will be a slight amount left from the carrots plus mushrooms quickly produce their own juices. When slightly browned after approx 3 minutes, add to slow cooker on top of carrots.

4. Slice leeks very thinly using white portion and part of light green portion (discard leaves or save to make soup stock later). Saute in pan with salt and pepper. Add to slow cooker on top of mushrooms.

5. At this stage add the vegetable broth into your slow cooker. Liquid should cover the rice and veggies completely. If it does not, you can add water or additional broth. DO NOT STIR.
6. Turn the slow cooker on – this will cook for about 5 hours, depending on your cooker’s settings. Check after about two hours to see if you need to add any more liquid; don’t stir, just use a fork and check the rice. Sometimes towards the end, if the rice is not done cooking yet, the liquid may have disappeared and you will need more to finish cooking the rice and prevent it from sticking.
7. When done cooking, fluff with a fork. Serve warm and enjoy!

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