Scarf Week: Sunday


We all love Shark Week on The Discovery Channel. Well, this week is Scarf Week on my blog! I will be posting different scarves every day this week. To kick things off, here are a few lighter-weight lacey scarves; perfect for this time of year!


I can’t remember when or why I made this scarf. I think it was for my sister’s birthday, maybe. I do, however, remember when I found this yarn. I was at Knitty City on the UWS. It is one of my favorite yarn stores in NY! The staff is helpful and friendly (surprisingly NY has a few yarn stores with… we’ll just say not the friendliest staffs). Knitty City has a great selection, a cute space in one of my favorite neighborhoods and they are so involved with the “yarn community”. Hosting events, trunk shows, book signings, charity events and more.

I was at Knitty City, saw this yarn in the back, picked it up then put it down and walked away. Then I went back to it and did the same thing three times before I finally decided to buy it. I was hesitant because for twenty-something yards it cost twenty-something dollars… and what can you really make with twenty-something yards of a novelty yarn that makes the purchase worthwhile? Pretty expensive yarn! But it had my sister’s name all over it. Beautiful pinks and greens and pink sequins to top it off! I could not pass it up. And I was determined to make it work for a scarf.

The challenge became: how do I make a scarf with such a tiny amount of yardage? (On average, a scarf usually takes approximately 200yds to give you an idea of how little I had to work with here.) I opted for very chunky knitting needles and a combination of garter stitch and dropped yarn overs. I think I actually unraveled it once to re-make it thinner and longer.

The end result is a very stylish accessory. You can wear it as a scarf or – as my sister has done – wear it as a belt. It has just the right amount of sparkle.

This next scarf was made with a beautiful blue cotton yarn. I am not 100% sure where I purchased it, but I think it was from Knit New York near Union Square. This store is now sadly closed. It was tiny with a small-ish selection, but they had some beautiful yarns.

I only bought one ball of this yarn with the intent of making a colorful accessory for myself. The yarn is 100% cotton and colored a beautiful turquoise with little flecks of light blue throughout. I went with the classic “K1, yo, K2tog” lacey pattern with large needles (that always makes me think of a spider web when it’s knit up). This pattern looks great in so many different yarn textures, it is a great fall back when I am stuck and want to knit something quickly.

This scarf has seen a lot of wear! I love the color and it goes with so much that it is a frequently used item in my wardrobe.

Stay tuned tomorrow for day two of Scarf Week!

What I’m listening to as I write this post: Rufus Wainwright – Poses


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