Scarf Week: Monday


Scarf Week continues…


I love this scarf. The combination of soft cotton-blend cream yarn along with the criss-cross pattern make for such a luxurious scarf to wrap around your neck.

This was a Christmas gift for my sister one year. I was her “Secret Santa” – I bought her a handbag and a muffin tin, but I still had a little $ left in the budget. Of course that meant getting supplies and making something. I knew she had off-white colored gloves with multi-color accents. Plus, an off-white scarf will complement just about any color coat.

This scarf was developed from the “Waves” swatch pattern in The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume Two: Cables. The Stitchoinary series of books is a great place to turn when you need some inspiration.

I love this as a Winter accessory.

This is one of my favorite scarves that I’ve made. I just see it as such a classic style and I love the feel of it!

This scarf proved to be more challenging than anticipated only because the local shops stopped carrying this particular yarn! It is a super-soft acrylic blend that was once available in every craft store. I ended up purchasing the “Microspun” yarn on eBay because ordering it online the yarn would arrive more quickly than finding the time to get to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio downtown.

I love this yarn just because of how soft it is. I was looking for a chunkier yarn but was having trouble finding one as soft as this. I knew this yarn was the texture I wanted, so I knit the scarf with two strands held together to it gave it a nice chunky, yet soft and drapey feel. The diagonal pattern turned out great and this is a classic black scarf (that doesn’t pick up lint) my sister can wear all season long.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of Scarf Week!

What I’m listening to as I write this post: Fiona Apple


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