Scarf Week: Wednesday


We seem to have a food theme for day 4 of Scarf Week.


I chose a beautiful wine color for this scarf as I thought it would look nice with my sister’s coloring. Plus I loved this rich color for Fall and Winter.

The year I made the cable knit bags for my sisters (see previous post), I decided to put a surprise scarf inside each of them. This is the one I made for my older sister.

I wrote this pattern myself combining cables and ribbing. Since the yarn was thin, needles were small, and there were three tiny, tight braided cables this ended up taking a lot of time to create. I was knitting on the subway every day, but still didn’t finish it until Christmas Eve night!

I was at a yarn store in NJ with my mom and she just fell in love with one of the scarves on display. We bought the yarns so that I could make it for her.

This scarf used a combination of two Annie Blatt yarns knit together in a garter plus drop stitch pattern with fringe trimming the bottom. One was a ribbon yarn and the other a soft, fuzzy yarn – both in a similar multi-color scheme to complement each other.

It has become a bit fuzzier over time and use, but it is still beautiful.

I love this scarf. I wear it all the time. It is so comfy, plus the green is neutral enough to match a lot.

This was knit with the “soy silk” yarn from Southwest Trading Company. It’s a beautiful ribbon yarn that has an amazing softness to it!

This yarn stretches as it’s worn (which is why a scarf is my favorite thing to make with it) so this scarf has definitely increased in length with all of the wear it’s received. It is my staple throughout the fall and the end of winter.

My sisters and I went to visit Santa Claus a few years ago. It was chilly at the end of December so you can see all of us keeping warm with our scarves (including the green soy silk scarf).

We are halfway through! Stay tuned tomorrow for more of Scarf Week…

What I’m listening to as I write this post: Pete Yorn – musicforthemorningafter


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