Scarf Week: Friday


Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend and can enjoy some beautiful weather. As we approach the end of scarf week and the end of the work week, I thought I would throw some sparkle in the mix to kick off the weekend.


What a great way to let my sisters know I was thinking about them; knitting a sparkly red scarf for Valentine’s Day.

This was one of those projects that was so lightweight and compact that i could just throw it in a ziploc sandwich bag and carry it around in my handbag to work on it during train rides.

This was knit with the classic “K1, YO, P2tog” lacy pattern that we saw on the aqua scarf from Sunday.

I think this awesome dark red yarn was called “Glitter” or something similarly appropriate. It was a bargain at the craft store and I had to pick it up. It made a couple of cute scarves! Perfect to throw on for a night out with the girls.

This is a great seed stitch scarf, knit with two strands of different yarns held together.

One strand was a ribbon yarn from Annie Blatt; “Satinka”. It is a soft yarn in a beautiful aqua-green color with a matte gold incorporated.

While at the yarn store I came across a shimmery thread-like yarn in a slightly deeper and bluer aqua-green color with gold metallic.

Holding these two strands together while knitting produced a great sparkle. The yarn combination plus the seed stitch make for a great texture.

I love Tilli Tomas yarns. “Disco Lights” is a 100% silk yarn with sequins and I fell in love with the gorgeous purple color. The color actually used to be richer, but I hand-washed it with cold water and a tiny bit of detergent one day – it took a lot of the dye out and dulled the color.

This scarf is loooooong and skinny, knit in a simple “K2, P2” rib. You can wear it long to your knees, or wrap it around your neck a few times to shorten it.

It really is a wonderful accessory to wear throughout the fall and has seen a lot of use in its days. Definitely one of my favorites..

Stay tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of Scarf Week!

What I’m listening to as I write this post: Aqualung – Strange and Beautiful, Travis – The Invisible Band


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