Scarf Week: Saturday


This is the final day of scarf week! That doesn’t mean the creation of new scarves will end. Fall is almost here and Winter will follow. Scarves are a fabulous accessory, a great travel project and the perfect way to use that one skein you bought of some gorgeous random yarn…

I thought I would end the week with some works-in-progress.


Earlier this spring I came across “Vintage” yarn from Lana Grossa on the Loopy Mango website. The lovely ladies who own the Soho shop posted a ruffled scarf on their blog. It wasn’t until visiting the store and seeing/trying on the sample that I realized just how beautiful it was.

The scarf was so fluffy and comfortable; I decided to make one for myself! We were in Spring/Summer so I opted for the Aqua color (it reminded me of the ocean), although now that we are approaching Fall I kind of wish I purchased the Olive color instead.

This is a netted ribbon yarn that is all rolled up. You can work with the yarn as-is, or you can unravel it as you go and actually knit through the netting. Doing this gives your garment that beautiful ruffle look.

As you can see from these photos, when the scarf is held vertical, gravity takes effect and pulls the garment creating a stretch that looks almost like another row between each ruffle. This will become more prominent as I knit more length.

Maybe I should call this the El Jardín Scarf, instead?

The beautiful red, pink, orange, green and white fiber is an elastic yarn called “El Sol”. There was a slip in my tiny NYC mailbox one day saying I had a package at the post office. I headed over to Ansonia Station and found a box waiting for me. I didn’t order anything so this was already exciting. In addition to a little Valentine package from my parents, there was this gorgeous Spanish elastic yarn “Sol Lastic” that my sister picked up “just because” she saw it and thought it was cool. A great surprise!

I knew that this stretchy elastic yarn from Lanas Stop would need a nice solid, stable yarn to add some structure to my scarf. I went in search of a soft cotton-type yarn and came across this wonderful bamboo. I almost bought the orange, but finally decided on the dark green instead.

I put a pause on this scarf just because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue with the pattern I started or do something entirely different. All of my stitch holders were occupied so I threw the loops on a kilt pin, instead. Just like any true knitter/crocheter, I have so many projects going on at one time.

A few years ago my sister and I went to a meet & greet / book signing at Knitty City. My sister spotted a beautiful silk yarn in the window while we waited in line and she just couldn’t stop talking about it. The place was very crowded so we decided to just take a look at the yarn then go grab some dinner.

When we got inside, there was a similar yarn on the shelf (silk – white, pale blue and yellow), but it didn’t have that little bit of silver sparkle like the one we saw in the window. It is not showing up in the photo, but there is a very thin silver metallic woven through this yarn for just a slight sparkle – so pretty. Pearl (owner) told us the one in the window was the last hank they had and we were welcome to it. Yes, I actually climbed into the window display to get this yarn – I knew my sister did not want to pass this up, but it was too pricey for her so I told her that I loved it and wanted to make something for myself. I bought the yarn.

When my sister’s birthday rolled around, she opened her gift and found this yarn (surprise!). I thought she might want to make something with a little guidance from me, but she decided to have me knit a scarf for her. A few years later and I haven’t gotten to it yet (oops!), so I decided it had sat in my stash long enough. 2011 is going to be her year of the beautiful silk cloud scarf. I pulled out my swift and ball winder (how did I ever get along without them?) and got to work on this lacy pattern. I was going to surprise her, but I guess she’s reading this post… um, surprise J!

This brings Scarf Week to a close. I hope you have enjoyed the posts. And who knows, maybe I will do another Scarf Week next year!

(Thanks for your help with working out the photos for this post, E.)

What I’m listening to as I write this post: Jack Johnson – Brushfire Fairytales


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