How to get rid of fruit flies


We had some peaches that went south. Result: a ridiculous amount of fruit flies. Gross. After the peaches were tossed, many of the little things decided to attack and ruin my fresh pears while the others decided to make a home on my melon. This situation had to be resolved.

A quick Google search produced an interesting homemade solution so it was time to create my own version.

I took a disposable bowl, put in some rind from the melon I had just cut up plus a couple of raspberries (any fruit would really work here). Next, the bowl was covered with a layer of plastic wrap and scotch taped under the rim to ensure the plastic was secure. I took a toothpick and poked a few holes in the top. And just in case the fat little insects could read, I took a Sharpie and wrote “FRUIT FLY TRAP” on top of the plastic (actually, that was so nobody would see the trap and throw it out thinking it was just a bowl of fruit left out to rot).

Time to put it to the test! I found the perfect spot on the counter: near a nightlight where the fruit flies like to gather in the dark. The trap would sit there overnight. My bowl of fresh fruit was moved to the other side of the kitchen, far from the trap.

Results: In the morning, there was a lot of activity: 10 fruit flies in the trap who realized they were completely stuck. Woo hoo! They are not very bright – flying toward the rim for some sort of escape (and just bouncing off the plastic) when all the holes I poked were in the middle. I did not take an “after” photo because… well, it was just gross. I tossed the trap in the trash can and gone are the flies.

Let’s hope that is the last of them. I saw one stray guy flying around this morning, but maybe I can squash him before this goes any further.

September 29th Update: Another remedy that has worked is soap suds and wine vinegar! Take a small bowl, make it sudsy with some dish detergent and water, and add some red wine vinegar. Leave it out on the counter where you usually keep your fruit bowl. The fruit flies will be attracted to the vinegar and they will drown in the soap suds. It is pretty effective.


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