Handmade Nested Hoop Earrings


Well, it has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been so busy making handmade gifts for the holidays and while I have completed a few projects, I can’t post them until after Christmas or I’ll spoil the surprise! There will be a few new posts coming up in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned…

Yesterday my friend noticed the earrings I was wearing. It’s a pair that I made at least 10 years ago; Purple stones with golden Swarovski crystals, sterling silver beads all nested in a sterling silver pointed hoop. She loved them and wanted a pair for herself so I went to work!

Just made tonight, she can choose this beautiful aqua pair with champagne crystals.

Here is a bit of a closer photo that shows the amazing texture the new hoops have (versus the smooth finish of my original pair). I love it and may have to make another pair for myself!

My friend can also choose this classic black pair with purple crystals. I generally use a grey translucent crystal, but my friend loved the purple stones from my original pair so I decided to incorporate the color into this pair.

What I’m listening to as I write this post: Conan


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