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Baby Pumpkin Costume


For my niece’s first Halloween, my mom wanted to make her a pumpkin costume. Seriously, how cute is a little six month old dressed as a pumpkin? My mom tackled the pumpkin body while I worked on the little stem “hat”.

The body was a simple silhouette – two rectangular pieces, gathered with elastic at the bottom and top, seamed at the sides with space for armholes. She was plumped up with a little tissue paper stuffing.

I created the stem / leaf topper by first sketching out on paper, then cutting out of felt. I stuffed the stem with fiberfill and hand stitched the stem to the leaf portion. Both elastic and a ribbon tie were fastened so my sister-in-law could determine which would work best once she tried the costume on. The stem hat looked great on my Cabbage Patch Kid model while I was constructing it, but it was way cuter on my niece in the end. My niece is the cutest pumpkin ever! Please forgive her blurred out face but I wasn’t sure if my brother and sister-in-law would want her photo posted online otherwise.


Little Boy Blue Blanket


A family friend is expecting a little boy. A handmade blanket is a gift that is always appreciated and useful! I like to make baby blankets “toddler-size” so they can be used for a number of years, and can be converted to a throw when the child gets older.

This adorable “Little Boy Blue” blanket, as I refer to it, was crocheted all in one piece using a large crochet hook and two strands of yarn held together. I started by making many rows of double crochets.

When I had a decent size to it, the piece was turned and I started making row after row of “border” stitches in different sizes (singles, triples, half doubles…) creating what would appear to the untrained eye as a big granny square.

Photo Credit: lawagency.co.uk

Little Boy Blue,
Come blow your horn,
The sheep’s in the meadow,
The cow’s in the corn;
Where is that boy
Who looks after the sheep?
Under the haystack
Fast asleep.
Will you wake him?
Oh no, not I
– Mother Goose

Bird Mobile


I love birds and I wanted to share this with my baby niece. I really wanted to make a bird mobile to hang above her crib so I went in search of just the right knitting pattern.

I came across a Sweet Little Bird knitting pattern from the Knitted Toy Box blog. I knew this would look great in different yarn colors, sizes and textures to give my mobile some nice variety.

I told a friend about the in-progress mobile and he showed me a pattern his sister was using for a friend. This pattern from Spool Sewing blog is for hand-sewn birds that I just fell in love with. I knew I needed to incorporate the fabric & knit birds together on the mobile.

My initial plan was to hang the birds from crossed dowels, but I ended up making too many! I decided to be resourceful and see what else I could find in my craft bin. What did I come up with?

Rings! I had some great small rings that I saved from scarves I bought at Target. Perfect! The birds would hang 5 per ring x 3 rings, all birds and rings at varying heights.

But how would I hang the 3 small rings? I needed a larger ring to solve this. My mom dug into her craft bin and found an embroidery hoop of just the right size. I used the inner ring (without the hardware).

All rings were covered with a beautiful wide teal satin ribbon that I had leftover from a garter belt project (see post from June 25, 2011). I had a thin tonal dark teal satin ribbon to use for hanging the large ring from the ceiling. At the top it is finished with a loop to hang from a ceiling hook and a bow detail.

All of the birds were attached to the rings with invisible thread so they would appear to be ‘flying’.

When my 3-month-old niece came for a visit I had the mobile hanging from a ceiling fan for its unveiling. The expression on her face upon seeing the mobile was priceless; it made all of the hard work worthwhile. She was mesmerized by the birds – the colors, the movement, the shapes, the visual of birds hanging in the air. I hope she will love looking at the mobile when my brother hangs it above her crib.

I love all of these birds! There will definitely be some more bird creation for the holidays as I think they will make great Christmas tree ornaments.

Baby Hand Knits


Leading up to my niece entering this world a few months ago I was knitting away in anticipation of her arrival.


I loved the “honeycomb” square pattern that I found in The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume Two: Cables: The Ultimate Stitch Dictionary from the Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine (Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Series) (awesome book) and thought it would be great integrated into the blanket I wanted to make.

I took the little square pattern and expanded it to a blanket size, adding a seed stitch border. Seed stitch is one of my favorite ways to create a border on a knit baby blanket. It creates a great texture that you just want to wrap around somebody.

I used two cotton blend baby yarns (very soft!) and knit them together; white and sea green colors. The blanket was made a little bigger than a baby needs – toddler size – so my niece could be wrapped up in it as an infant, use it to stay warm when she’s a few years older, or even use it as a throw when she grows up. I love how the blanket turned out!



She also needed some little booties to keep her feet warm! My go-to pattern for baby footwear is Sullivan’s Baby Booties. Moms love them because the ribbon ties I add not only prevent the booties from falling off, but also allow you to adjust the tension around the ankles.

The first pair were knit with a beautiful green thin gauge baby yarn. They were finished off with a cream satin ribbon tie.

The second pair (made after her feet started to grow) were made with an ecru color 100% cotton yarn with pink velvet ribbon ties.

See how cute they look on her feet!

Baby Inchworm Pillow


The night I learned I was going to be an aunt, I passed the book Knitting for Babies to my brother and sister-in-law for them to pick out anything they wanted. They both loved the Inchworm Pillow!

This was knit with 100% worsted weight cotton yarns. Rather than create an I-Cord, I crocheted a chain for the stripe. It is much quicker!

Such a little cutie – here is my niece having fun with her comfy little wormie! Please excuse my beautiful niece’s blurred out face; I wasn’t sure if my brother and sister-in-law would want her photo posted on the internet otherwise.

She likes to study Wormie’s face. She is also fascinated by the cord wrapped around his body. She takes her tiny little fingers and tries to pick it up off his body (or maybe she wants to see how it’s attached?). Smart cookie is fascinated by textures, colors and shapes.

I found this pattern online if you want to make your own: Baby Inchworm Pillow