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Cable Knit Bag


You may remember my post from July about the cable knit handbags I made for my sisters. Well, one of my cousins saw that post and absolutely loved it. She asked me to recreate a version of the bag for her daughter. My cousin that would be wearing the bag also spends her time in the city and I had her choose the color of the yarn (Forrest Green) – from there I decided to do an Asian-inspired lining and trim.

I went to work re-creating the pattern of the bag. Once the piece was knit up I created the lining with a beautiful fan-printed fabric. I just loved the gold metallic in the fabric. It does not show up very well in the photo, but trust me – it sparkles.

A removable base was added in, a magnetic snap closure, a pocket, some bamboo handles… and I made a pin for the front to match the lining. It has some beautiful fish (or maybe they are serpents) and the coloring matches the lining.

She received the bag on Christmas and loves it! If you see a fashionable girl wandering around NYC and B’klyn with this one-of-a-kind bag, that would be my cousin!


Fall Fashion: Cable Knit Capelet


September is here which meals Fall (my favorite season) is right around the corner! I thought I’d kick off the season with a stylish chunky cabled ‘capelet’ in some beautiful Fall colors.

I found this free pattern from Lion Brand yarn and had to make a LOT of adjustments during the knitting process to get the shape and size correct. This was not due to errors that I was making, but rather a seemingly incorrect pattern. Looking at the pattern online now, it seems they have also made a lot of corrections since originally posting it. Too bad those weren’t handy while I was knitting it! Oh well, I still figured it out on my own.

I chose a textured multi-colored yarn to suit the season.

This was knit in the round on circular needles. For an even chunkier effect it would have been great to knit with two strands at once.

This turned out so cute! Great to throw over a basic tank or tee with some jeans and head out in the crisp Fall weather!

What I’m listening to as I write this post: iTunes shuffle: The Working Title “Thoughts on Love’s Mishaps”, The Beatles “Revolution”, Patty Griffin “Flaming Red”, The Postal Service “Clark Gable”

Cable Knit Bag


A few years ago I made all of my sisters knit bags for Christmas. This is a pattern I wrote myself, though it was unfortunately lost due to a leak in my apartment ceiling (more like a rainstorm!).

It was a fairly simple process to knit the bag. I wrote a pattern with cables and ribbing then knit the body as a rectangle. I stitched up the sides about 3/4 of the way. The bag was fastened to the circular bamboo handles with a whip stitch. All of the hard work really went into the finishing.

I found a gorgeous silk fabric in a tiny store in NYC’s garment district. It is a cream color with beautiful cream and pink stitching. This was used to create the lining, the inside pocket, and also to cover the removable-base (made from layers of sturdy cardboard). I added a magnetic snap closure before stitching the lining to the inside of the bag.

The three bags were identical except for the brooch on the outside – my sisters each had a different color and shape cameo brooch as the finishing touch.